Fire regulations, systems and testing

It is a legal requirement in the UK to have a Fire Risk Assessment completed for all premises where people could be working, and the relevant safety measures and systems required in place.

FM+ can provide a fire risk assessment package tailored to your requirements, making you fully compliant. We’ll highlight any areas of non-compliance and make recommendations for improvement.

Our team will also provide a custom designed logbook to ensure your managers are aware of what is legally required, and to help you keep an accurate record of fire related information.

We’ll ensure your fire safety administration, facilities, routines and test procedures meet the required standards, and that all fire hazards and means of escape are reviewed, along with information on staff who may be at risk.

Should your business require it, we can propose a new specifically designed fire alarm system, and a programme for monitoring and future maintenance programme.

Fire Suppression

Businesses which handle and store products classed as a high fire risk often have an insurance requirement to have fire suppression systems at their premises, especially if the premises are not manned 24 hours a day.

A fire suppression system releases an agent onto the fire risk, suppressing fire by either reducing the oxygen levels or cooling the fire through water and mist. Such systems require automatic fire detection such as smoke detectors, heat detectors or filament fracture bulbs.

Detection can be designed to your specification. For example, you may choose for detectors to be triggered twice to prevent the accidental release of agent which is usually the costliest part of the system. This is nearly always the case in data/server/communication rooms, but may not be the case when protecting assets such as machinery with heat probes.

Our team at FM+ will advise and work with you to ensure you have a system which delivers exactly what you need, as different requirements will be needed for a business with assets. We’ll also ensure it is maintained and inspected to meet requirements at all times.

Fire Integrity Tests 

Suppression systems need regular testing to ensure they will work effectively in case of fire.

It is a requirement of British Standards that your suppression system is tested at least annually, and this can be carried out by the FM+ team.

Any works that alter the structural perimeter of an enclosure (for example moving a wall, fitting a new door, or installing new cables) will almost certainly affect the retention of your gaseous fire suppression system and will need a new inspection.

If you have any doubts about changes to your premises and the impact on your system, call our team today.

Fire Extinguishers

FM+ can serve businesses with every aspect of fire extinguishers, including training for staff members to be fire marshalls, annual servicing, carrying out fire drills and a written fire evacuation procedure.

We can supply extinguishers with a warranty of 12 months or five years, if we carry out the annual service. All our engineers are qualified to provide advice on the suitability and positioning of extinguishers and to carry out maintenance and periodic servicing in line with British Standards.

Dry Risers

Dry Risers are systems of pipe work and valves that runs up through a building to enable fire fighters to easily access water from each individual floor of the building

They are a legal requirement if a building exceeds 18 metres from the fire brigade access level to the top floor, and also where there are floors more than 10 metres below ground. 

Dry risers needs to be designed, installed and regularly tested to meet British standards and Building Regulations, and if there is ever a fire, the person responsible for the building will need to show that the dry riser system has been tested, and a valid certificate of compliance in place.

To meet British standards it is recommend that a dry riser has a visual test every 6 months and it is a legal requirement that dry risers are fully tested annually.

Using a specialist company like FM+ for the design, installation and testing of dry riser system is essential.

Our team offers a comprehensive design, install, testing, maintenance and commissioning service which meets all the legal requirements, giving you peace of mind that your dry riser system is in safe hands.

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